Best Retail POS Software in Bangladesh

by Smart Dokani OCTOBER, 2020

Smart Dokani is the best Retail POS software in Bangladesh. It is not only POS software it’s an eCommerce platform. POS software is now available in Bangladesh. Smart software provides you POS software with exclusive features.



POS Software

The retail location or purpose of the procurement is the time and spot where a retail exchange is finished. At the retail location, the shipper ascertains the sum owed by the client, shows that sum, may set up a receipt for the client, and demonstrates the choices for the client to make installment.

Smart Dokani POS

Smart Dokani is a free retail POS software and also an eCommerce platform. It's very easy to manage your retail shop. Customers can find your retail shop by Smart Dokani in the eCommerce platform. This is the first POS software in Bangladesh which included an eCommerce platform. Smart Dokani does not only manage your shop it helps you show your products and increase your sells.

Smart Dokani POS Module

Smart Dokani POS software is a multi-vendor eCommerce App. It has two modules one is the seller and another is the customer module.

Seller: Seller can use both offline and online. In offline seller can create sales, purchases, inventory management, reports, financial reports, income - expense, and all other related features. In an online platform, the seller can manage all POS systems and get extra exclusive features of the eCommerce platform. eCommerce platform which displays your products online.

Customer: The Smart Dokani app will help you to search for expected products in the area based. Any retail shop can display his/her products and customers order the nearest shop and short time products delivery.

Smart Dokani Benefits

Smart Dokani mobile app is the best retail mobile app for users. In this app, all features created to easy methods. Uses common words, because users can understand easily. Smart Dokani has all of the features you need. You can use all the features for your retail shop management. Your data will be secure.
Seller Benefit:

  • Free installation.
  • Exclusive features
  • Free products display in online.
  • Good communication with customers.
  • Easy to manage retail shop
Customer Benefit:
  • Track nearest retail shop.
  • Save time and save money.

Why you use of Smart Dokani

Any retail shop needs to manage his/her business. Smart Dokani can manage your retail shop. For example: - products purchase, products sell, inventory management, reports generated, income - expense, loss - profit so many accounts related modules. On the other side, you can display your products online, and customers order your products by the Smart Dokani app. That means Smart Dokani can increase your sells and customers can get expected products very easily. Smart Dokani is a totally free app. You can use this app offline and online. So many benefits you get to use the Smart Dokani app.

Name of POS Software

  • Smart Dokani – Smart Software Ltd.
  • Square
  • LightSpeed
  • ShopKeep
  • Vend
  • QuickBooks POS/Revel
  • Shopify
  • Toast
Here We share some information about POS application.

1. Smart Dokani


Smart Dokani, FREE Retail Management POS App. It is a very simple app for your billing. The Retail POS Mobile App makes purchases, sales, inventory, payments, expenses, and easy to handle customer management. On the other side, it’s creates billing and invoicing for your retail business. The Smart Dokani Free retail management mobile app runs Smartphones and Tablets. So, Shop is now in your pocket.
Smart Dokani App has so many features to use retail shopkeepers. You can easily use these features and increase your sales. Smart Dokani is a user-friendly mobile application for both sellers and buyers. Smart Dokani application must fulfill your daily requirements. You can easily access your mobile phone and use this app for your business.


2. Square


• It tends to be utilized on the web or disconnected, in spite of the fact that you'll be liable for any exchanges taken while disconnected that get declined or result in chargebacks.
• It very well may be modified for your items with photographs, names, and costs.
• For cafés, tips can be determined and included by clients with a single tick.
• Receipts get sent by means of email or text, and a printer can be snared for printed versions.
• Punch card dependability projects can be incorporated.
• There is a developing set-up of related items accessible for an additional expense, including an online commercial center, internet invoicing, and an online arrangement administration.
• There is no month to month expenses or arrangement costs, in spite of the fact that there is a charge for equipment, for example, an iPad stand or receipt printer. There is no month to month agreements or end charges.

3. LightSpeed


• Month to month membership expenses is attached to the size of your business and the number of clients and registers you have.
• Stock, buy request, employee the executives, and client relationship the board are completely coordinated.
• A wide range of installments are acknowledged: money, credit, charge, check, gift voucher, and store credit.
• Receipts can be printed or messaged.
• You can utilize it to make gauges, statements, and administration and fix orders.
• A different application exists exclusively for eateries, particularly for their necessities.
• There are many adaptable, printable reports, and they can be sent out as spreadsheets to import to different projects.

4. ShopKeep


• No startup costs past equipment. A level charge of $49 every month per register.
• Tracks stock, workers, and client data.
• Permits you to acknowledge money, credit/check cards, gift vouchers, and other installment alternatives like PayPal or Level Up.
• You can pick your own Visa processor to cut the most ideal arrangement.
• The cell phone application permits you to sign in and get reports whenever. Reports can be traded into bookkeeping programs.
• Has an incorporated dedication program.
• Free all day, every day uphold by telephone, web visit, or email.

5. Vend


• Amazing retail POS and stock apparatuses
• Accessible on iPad
• The decision of PayPal, Square, or Vantiv or Visa handling.
• Plans start at $119/month ($99/month charged every year).
• Philanthropic markdown accessible.
• Free arrangement accessible for tiny dealers.

6. QuickBooks


• A simple to-utilize iPad interface.
• Cycles deal exchanges, take installments, track stock, and overseas clients.
• Handles standardized tag filtering, arrangement booking, web-based requesting, devotion programs, representative planning, and has an internet business stage.
• You can deal with installments and hold information in any event when the web is down or you don't have an association.
• Works for eateries and ventures that acknowledge tips.
• Naturally and consistently adjusts deals, installments, stock, client information, and finance data to QuickBooks.
• Particularly solid stock highlights with nitty-gritty deals numbers, rebate following, and request history.

7. Shopify


• The superb decision for omnichannel organizations.
• Accessible on Android and iOS.
• Free chip card peruser.
• Shopify Payments for default processor.
• Plans start at $9/month.
• Equipment incorporations require $49/month Retail Package.

8. Toast


• Incredible café POS system.
• Accessible on Android.
• Exclusive equipment.
• No decision of installment processor.
• $79/month per terminal .
• Gift vouchers, unwavering ness, web-based requesting accessible as additional items.


Smart Dokani is the product of Smart Software Ltd. Smart Dokani is a Free mobile app. This app can use it both Windows and IOS. Click the "Download App" button and go to your play store to download Smart Dokani Application and install it.